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19 Feb 2020
Dear firends on tour,

First, thank you and congratulation for you website and for your nices travels.

I am quite a big traveller too and I start thinking for my next expedition to join Salekard to Igarka (or opposite) alone, walking along the former societ railway.
I know you experienced one section of this trip.

I am just at the beginning of my planing and I will be very interested if you could provide me with tips regarding for example:
- Accessibility (soil, bridges, uncrossable points)
- Season to go or to avoid
- Equipment
- Risks (animals, water, etc.)
- Bivouac or spot to sleep/eat

If you prefer, I could call you by phone.

You can see some one of my trips here if interested (France to Laos by Citroen 2CV)

All the best
Кусамина Полина Ивановна
23 Jun 2019
Здравствуйте. Очень интересная информация,красивые фотографии.
06 Nov 2016
Endlich habe ich es nach Salechard und nach Nadym geschafft. Den Weg dazwischen habe ich leider mit dem Flugzeug zurückgelegt, aber die Bauarbeiten an der Bahn in Nadym lassen Hoffnung aufkommen.
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